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Good Strong Hands

"After attending Arletta Anderson, Adam Smith, Eric Garcia, and Melissa Lewis’s Good Strong Hands, I rushed home to find my copy of Henri Lefebvre’s The Missing Pieces...In particular, I was looking for something to fill a vacancy within the work: mid-way through, the performers tell us that a whole section of the show has yet to be planned. We sense we’re sitting in the something of nothing here; not the force of Yves Klein’s Leap into the Void (1960), nor the refusal of Tehching Hsieh’s No Art Piece (1985–1986), but something akin to the presence of absence in Ray Johnson’s Nothings..."

Ryan D. Tacata in response to Good Strong Hands for OpenSpace at SFMoMA

weather // body

“Off-handedly ambitious. Arletta Anderson and Adam Smith achieve a kind of mystical relationship with theatrical space and feels as if the world is all before us.”

KQED reviews weather // body

i have become attracted to your avatar

Commissioned by Chloe & Co for the Drove X digital performance festival.

approximate encounter

Commissioned by P.L.A.C.E. Performance for Some Dance Screen Fest in collaboration with Jenny Stulberg.

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