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weather // body

weather // body is a multidisciplinary visual poem created and performed by Arletta Anderson & Adam Smith that looks at physical and environmental change over time. This piece asks how we consider our bodies in relationship to the spaces around them and how that changes as we age. We call on memory and its failings, create imagined futures, and remember who we are in the present moment now.

Throughout weather // body, a sonic, visual, and visceral landscape is built, rearranged, swept up, and discarded. Structural inspiration pulls from climate change, weather patterns, and star fields. The movement is rooted in virtuosic dance and pedestrian tasks, examining the body as both a means of labor and a poetic vessel.


Text elements are sourced from multi-generational interviews that have been abstracted and honed to their core elements. An electric guitar serves to score the piece — at times it is a thunderous hurricane of sound, and others, a firefly in the distance.

At its core, weather // body is both a violent protest against and a quiet contemplation on change.

Created/Performed by: 
Arletta Anderson & Adam Smith
Dramaturg: Rebecca Chaleff

Sound Advisor: Jessie Alsop

Light Design: Del Medoff

Text compiled and edited from anonymous interviews and personal memories

Photos: Robbie Sweeny

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